CLIENT: Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation + TechTown
YEAR: 2016-2019

Co.act is a space created for the community, a center for nonprofit support. A place that welcomes all non-profits from Detroit and the region. MPA wanted the space to be comfortable for everyone from corporate donors to small neighborhood groups.

MPA was challenged with creating a space that was flexible, approachable by its community and containing sustainable features that can be demonstrated to visitors of the building. The space can be rearranged to accommodate panel discussions, lectures, team building, training, co-working and collaboration.

The space is composed of five private offices, two large conference rooms and three smaller meeting spaces along the perimeter. The heart of the space can be divided by large retractable drapes that essentially cuts the space in half, both providing privacy and addressing acoustics. On one side you can find lounge seating and an open space where you can arrange over 70+ people. And on the other side there is an area to meet openly or work over a beautiful 30’ live edge table with incorporated electrical and banker chairs. MPA also addressed the need for amenities such as, a kitchenette that wraps the corner with quartz tops and matching kitchen island.

The Façade of the building was part of the original core and shell build out also carried out by MPA. Co.act has since incorporated branding along the Woodward side and at times has seating outside as well that can be enjoyed under the awnings.