Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation Offices

CLIENT: Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation
YEAR: 2019-2021

MPA originally designed the apartments, as well as working on the original building renovation in 2017. An in-depth understanding of the history of the building was invaluable during the design and construction processes.

Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation had outgrown their second-floor office space and wanted to convert three of the third-floor apartments into additional office space. RCW also wanted new furniture and finishes for select communal and private spaces in their second-floor office.

In addition to the third-floor offices, existing gathering spaces were revamped on the second floor to reflect the foundation’s growth and changing needs. Less formal seating areas with mid-century furniture allow for spontaneous social interactions. The herringbone wood floor and historic window trim gives a subtle nod to the past, while providing a fresh background to a modern work environment.

The design concept is based on opening up each apartment to function as flexible office and meeting space. The foundation is a growing organization, so MPA incorporated demountable walls to allow for different office configurations in the future. Unobstructed natural light passes through glass office walls, and other walls include white boards for collaboration. Several existing elements, such as the previous apartment kitchenettes, were repurposed as new office amenities. The second floor received new FF&E to better reflect RCW as a company and Ralph C. Wilson himself.