The Factory at Corktown

CLIENT: Buhl Sport + Ford Land
YEAR: 2016-2018

The Factory at Corktown is a development located at 1907 and 1927 Michigan Avenue in the historic Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. It consists of renovating two adjoining buildings, both originally hosiery factories built in 1907.

The team was hired as Architect and Interior Designer by private investors to historically restore the existing wood timber and masonry building and renovate a portion for Buhl Sport office space and a garage area that houses a private collection of race cars. Partially through the construction of the project, Ford Motor Company purchased the building and McIntosh Poris Architects revised and modified the design to accommodate Ford’s office requirements.

The Factory at Corktown is a mixed-use project. The ground floor space in the 1907 building is tenant available. A large portion of the ground floor is dedicated to the storage of automobiles. The second and third floors have been built out to accommodate several office tenants, including Buhl Sport and Ford Motor Company’s electric vehicle organization and autonomous vehicle business team. The rooftop of the 1907 building has been equipped with a rooftop terrace.

The interior spaces of the building showcase existing elements such as exposed brick walls and heavy timber framing. The factory windows were replaced and replicated allowing an abundance of natural light and allow for views of the outdoors.

2021 AIA Michigan Honor Awards