Prime + Proper

CLIENT: Qualitas Primi, LLC | LOCATION: Detroit, MI | YEAR: 2017

McIntosh Poris Associates was tasked with bringing the Prime + Proper concept and branding to reality by offering space planning solutions, developing concepts, selecting fixtures and finishes, and adding the details to the interiors of this building to create an atmosphere of dining and social engagement that is unique to Detroit.

The Capitol Park building contains 10,000 square feet, 63 high-end residential units, one floor of luxury office space, a sprawling roof terrace and Prime + Proper below.

This building has since seen a similar lifecycle to those irreplaceable Detroit buildings constructed during a time when craftsmanship was a commodity and working with your hands wasn't an art form; it was a way of life.

Over the past 100 years this iconic building has been a representation of Detroit's epic history, one of great prowess, inevitably morphing into near ruins.