Ronin Sushi

CLIENT: Ronin Sushi
YEAR: 2006-2007

McIntosh Poris worked with the owner to transform a failed sports bar in the outskirts of downtown Royal Oak into a sophisticated destination dining environment.

Ronin combines a sushi bar, dining room, bar and lounge into a coherent experience, allowing patrons to move seamlessly from one type of dining space and social arrangement to another. McIntosh Poris simplified the complex levels and ramps of the existing space and redesigned the original angled walls with punched openings into simple and elegant orthogonal forms. The sushi bar and dining room are the central focus of the space with the bar and lounge surrounding it. The use of natural cedar wood planks creates a sense of warmth that contrasts with the elegant tile, gray walls and operable glass windows. Custom-made chairs and tables in the dining room and leather and wood cubes in the lounge, along with dramatic lighting and ceiling treatments create a memorable dining experience.