Vinsetta Garage

CLIENT: Vinsetta Garage | LOCATION: Berkley, MI | YEAR: 2011-2012

Recently named one of 12 "game-changing" architecture projects in metro Detroit, McIntosh Poris worked closely with the owners to transform this classic 1919 autoshop "Vinsetta Garage" into a unique destination dining environment.

The goal of the project was to maintain as much of the original garage character as possible. The restaurant honors the 1919 building, keeping the wear of the walls, and inserting an open kitchen, bar, pizza oven, bathrooms, and private dining area. Every effort was made to maintain or restore many of the original building elements. For example, the skylights needed new glass, but old glass was re-used in various parts of the restaurant. Additionally, a previous apartment at the back of the garage was converted to restrooms and a private dining area.