RENCEN Fitness

CLIENT: GM | LOCATION: Detroit, MI | YEAR: 2006-2007

As the landmark home of GM’s World Headquarters, the Renaissance Center was missing one key amenity - a corporate fitness center for the 12,000 people working there and living in the surrounding neighborhood. Hines, representing GM, asked MPA to design a refined, contemporary space to tempt the executives & employees down from their towers for a workout.

The existing space was a former parking garage that posed many challenges because of its forest of columns and tangle of pipes and ducts. Our solution kept the private areas, such as the offices and locker rooms, to the interior of the space, while allowing the users to take advantage of the incredible view to the river while working out.

Materially, the solution utilizes a rich palette of cost-effective finishes, including custom wood glazing and millwork, porcelain tile, and frosted glass. The project's visual centerpiece is a central wall of folding planes onto which a mural representing nature and technology has been placed.

The fast-track project executed under a demanding schedule: only four months from the start of design to occupancy.