Utica Center Townhomes

CLIENT: Utica Center Townhomes
YEAR: 1999-2005

The Utica Center Townhomes is a traditional-style, mixed use, multi-family condominium development. In addition to the 313 single-family attached townhouse units, the proposed 36.15-acre site will offer retail and office buildings at the core of the site, open park spaces immediately adjacent to the units and a community clubhouse with a pool.

This concept is unique in that the front of the units face parks and all vehicular access is from the rear; tucked away from the open park areas. The parks consist of open green spaces utilizing a variety of plant species, ground cover; and trees to provide a serene and picturesque setting. The open spaces will be integrated with a system of walkways, sidewalks and roadways that will complement the scale of the site. The entire site will be wrapped by a 5' winding bike path that will integrate all of the features of the site as well as neighboring residential areas.

The proposed dwelling units themselves are 2 stories high above a lower level garage located at the rear of the unit for a total of 3 stories. The materials and construction details are complementary to the residential flavor of Bannister Lakes Subdivision to the north of the site and Utica Park Place, a major retail center, affording a smooth transition from the residential and commercial aspects of the area.