Broadway District

CLIENT: Larson Realty Group
YEAR: 1999

The Broadway District is now the thriving heart of the city’s revitalized historic core, a mixed-use neighborhood that is valued for its vibrant street life, its historic character, and its unique shops and entertainment venues. The 1999 plan called for Historic buildings to be redeveloped with residences, businesses, large and small retailers, restaurants, theaters and hotels, to create a dynamic district where people live, work, shop and play. Improvements to the streetscape create inviting treelined avenues throughout the district encouraging pedestrian activity. The Broadway District will reestablish its place as the heart of Detroit’s Historic Core. It will provide the missing link between the existing and emerging areas such as Grand Circus Park, Harmonie Park, Campus Martius, the Theatre District, Greek Town, and the new Sports District. The concentration of under utilized yet historically significant buildings and new developments constitutes a prime redevelopment opportunity. Fourteen years later, we see the opportunity being fulfilled.