Casino District

CLIENT: Danou Development - DDA
YEAR: 1996

Focusing on the 300 year anniversary of the City of Detroit in 2001, this plan would reenergize and keep Detroit at the forefront of industrialization. The architect’s proposal supports a revitalization effort by building on the strengths of the existing city plan, and helping to transform Downtown into a world class Entertainment, Cultural and Commercial center. The building's attempt to define the fabric of the city, and create or reinforce two important public spaces.

The first space is Washington Boulevard. The Casino and Hotel reinforce the southwest edge of the development along the boulevard, while the renovation to the Book Cadillac Hotel Tower and World Trade Center create an anchor to the corridor. This proposed corridor would help complete the original vision of city planner Louis A. Kamper, architect of most of the buildings standing on the boulevard.

The second of the public spaces is the addition of a new urban space and the Grand River Circus, including a Theater, Park and visual links to other developments such as Campus Martius and Bagley Avenue, thus creating a heart to the casino district.