About McIntosh Poris Associates


Interactive city building rooted in the authenticity of Detroit.

McIntosh Poris Associates has been delivering architecture, interior and urban design services for residential, commercial, and institutional clients since 1994. Cities and the communities that comprise them are in the midst of great change and as an architectural firm rooted in engagement through dialogue with our clients and project stakeholders, our intention is to be the most relevant partner to the people and communities we serve.


For a modern world.

At MPA we're acutely aware that none of us exist or operate in silos; therefore, we engage our clients and project stakeholders with an open platform approach.

Our designs go through stages of adjustment and refinement, always tested against the needs and aspirations of a project. Through this inclusive process, MPA reaches a heightened understanding of the role each project has in the lives of its constituents. The end result becomes greater and more complex than if it had been designed by us alone. Such a process challenges our team to creatively respond with a solution that transforms place, building, and context, as well as the people and communities who inhabit them.