1350 MI Ave

CLIENT: Basco Development Co.
YEAR: 2017 - Ongoing

Situated in the heart of Corktown, 1350 Michigan Avenue consists of the transformation of the 20,000-sqft Spaulding Building and a 60,000-sqft ground-up residential development on adjacent vacant land.

The existing Spaulding building was once home to a fine furniture maker before being converted into an electrical parts manufacturer in the early 1900s. MPA is preserving the existing masonry structure and historic character while incorporating ground floor retail off Michigan Avenue, 18 walk-up units, and 6 modern rooftop additions and terraces.

The 86-unit ground-up apartment building contrasts the Spaulding Building with its dark, sleek exterior. Open space between the adjacent buildings creates two large terraces at the podium of level 2 consisting of both common and private amenities and vegetation. The balconies above offer residents access to the outdoors along with views of the terraces and city.