City Club Apartments Lafayette Park

CLIENT: City Club Apartments
YEAR: 2019-2021¬

McIntosh Poris Architects renovated City Club Apartments Lafayette Park’s exterior and interior of public spaces and units. In the early 1970s, City Club Apartments hired Koch known for his signature “Techcrete” precast modular building system to design the concrete high-rise, originally named Elmwood Park Plaza. In addition to its revolutionary design, it was one of the earlier mixed-use apartment buildings in Michigan, which included a Detroit Public Library branch, retail, and a Farmer Jack grocery store.

City Club Apartments now features tree-inspired pixelated greenery of an elm tree adorning the façade that serves as an extension of the landscaped Terrace Club below and paying homage to its history. The 18-story multifamily residential building was modernized with 202 reconfigured apartment units with 20% affordable housing and city tax abatements to curb the displacement of current long-term residents.

The renovation entails extensive improvements to the building, plaza, and units. Within the units, McIntosh Poris Architects reconfigured the living spaces and kitchens while upgrading the finishes and fixtures. New residential amenities include a pool and outdoor kitchens. Existing windows and lights were replaced with energy-efficient options. According to City Club, the project is part of an effort to rejuvenate Detroit by updating existing buildings in the city.